“After working with Hollywood directors like Woody Allen, Steven Soderbergh, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Larry Charles, and Marc Forster, among many others, I decided to open Soul Pictures – a reference point in our industry focused on human stories that come from the author’s soul straight to the hearts of the audience“.
Nicos Beatty (2011)

Soul Pictures is a production company focused on film features and series driven by cinematic quality, social impact, and international appeal.

Film & Series

We create and produce contents for feature films and series
with renowned international talent.


We offer the highest tax incentive in the world for films or series through our network of high-profile investors:

• Basque Country 60% tax credit.
• Canary Islands 54% tax rebate on the 1st million Euros + 45% on the rest (spent in eligible cost).
• Mainland Spain 30% all the production costs.

Prod Services

Thanks to our wide network of local producers spread in the USA, UK, and EU, we organize any type of production on the most cost-effective way.

Action Unit

In our Action Team, we work with A-List stunt coordinators who have a long track record of more than 20 years in Hollywood. With them, we have developed all sorts of choreographies and FX systems for deflagrations and explosions that enhance the spectacular nature of each scene.

About Us

Nicos Beatty
Film Director & Founder

Liliana Bravo
Business Affairs

At Soul Pictures, we are pioneers in producing films and series that combine artistic value with commercial potential, creating movies and series that inspire and also achieve global sales impact. Founded by Nicos Beatty, we strive daily to create content that resonates with global audiences and leaves a lasting mark. 

We believe it is crucial for society to be involved in making advances in fields such as mental health, education on values of peace, community, respect, and creativity in implementing measures against climate change, such as the proliferation of forests, cleaning of oceans and seas, as well as the monitoring and maintenance of ecosystems. 

Because humanity has the enormous power to change its own destiny through well coordinated tiny actions.

News & Projects

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