Designed for Spanish nationality films and series (including international co-productions) and international production services, the Basque Government allows us to provide a 60% tax credit through the Gipuzkoa fiscal incentive for all production costs spent in the Basque territory, provided that a minimum of 50% of the total budget is spent in the Basque Country. If spending falls within the range of 35-50%, the tax credit decreases to 50%.

Through Soul Pictures’ experienced fiscal structure, which involves the most reliable agents and investors in the country, we complement the financing of any project that aligns with the guidelines.


We offer foreign productions a 54% rebate on the first million spent on eligible costs (including European talent & HODs, Spanish crew & providers, and expenses such as extras, wardrobe, art, hotels, transport, per diems, and post-production in the Canary Islands), and a 45% rebate on the remaining expenses spent in the Canary Islands, with no cap. A minimum spend of one million euros and a total budget of two million euros are required.


Spain offers a tax incentive program designed to encourage private investment in Spanish national films and TV fiction, including co-productions. Investors can receive a 25% tax deduction (30% for the first million) on investments in films and TV fiction projects based in mainland Spain, with a maximum benefit of €20 million per project. For TV fiction, there is a pending cap of €10 million per episode. In the region of Navarra, the tax deduction increases to 35%. 


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