Film feature – Comedy / Drama / Sci-Fi – English – Color/16:9 – USA / Spain – 100min


A pharmaceutical representative struggling to live among the elite attempts to sell a new spinal-treatment drug to the “hunchies” – poor people su!ering from deformed posture – but when an unexpected relationship develops between her and a hunch man, she’s forced to choose – love or luxury?


HUNCH follows the life of a simple yet elegant woman, Emily, who tries her best to keep up with the materialistic desires of her prestigious neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Emily lives in The Felix – an urban location which serves as the epicenter of modern technology. Residents of The Felix strut around town with a luxurious telecommunication device called The Mate attached to them at all times. The Mate allows for perfect posture, and hence, a beautiful physique. Although Emily fits in at first glance, she secretly struggles financially. So when her boss at the pharmaceutical company o!ers a sizable bonus to any sales rep willing to sell a new spinal-treatment drug in The Miser – the poorest and most undesirable part of the world – Emily humbly volunteers.

When her train reaches The Miser, she’s struck by the appearance of its residents – hideous, hunched over, heathens – glued to their handheld mobile phones with their spines in the air and their heads to the floor. She’s greeted with snickers, stares, and closed doors, but eventually wins over the approval of a local butcher, John, and his teenage son, Samuel. A romance begins to flourish between Emily and John which makes her more likeable among the locals, and as a result, sales of her spinal-treatment drug quickly rise.

But pressures from back home and an unexpected announcement from her company begin to threaten the glamorous lifestyle she’s accustomed to and how she’s perceived by others. With her future happiness on the line, Emily is forced to decide between the materialistic joys of technology or a life much more simple.

The world

“The Felix” is the geographical area where the upper-class lives. Its residents are promiscuous and privileged. Almost everyone in The Felix has money, good looks, and most importantly – perfect posture. Their impeccable spinal alignment is accredited to a modern telecommunication
device which they wear at all times.

The Felix

The Fimbria

The Fimbria sits directly between the land of the rich and the land of the poor. Its residents aren’t nearly as glamorous as those in The Felix yet they’re several steps up from the hunchies in The Miser. In modern terms, they’d be deemed middle-class.

While their posture isn’t perfect, they have not yet developed a hunch.

The Miser

The Miser is the geographical area where the lower class lives. It’s not nearly as lavish as The Felix. It’s rundown, practical, and modest. People who live here rely more on their hands for work instead of their brains. And all of them, young and old, have one common physical characteristic – horrible posture. Too poor to a!ord The Mate, residents of The Miser are constantly looking down to the telecommunication device in the palms of their hands. As a result, they’re physically deformed.

The Miser is home to the hunchies.

Film references

  • Production budget: $4Million
  • Box Office: $18Million
  • Production budget: $25Million
  • Box Office: $172.9Million
  • Production budget: $23Million
  • Box Office: $48.3Million
  • *Although not all the above content particularly relates to Hunch each of the films was chosen due to: a similar budget level, mood, aesthetics & narrative elements.


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