Pacífico Norte / North Pacific

Dir: Valentina Sachetti


Cast: Lucía Leyva, Danae Reynaud, Elena del Río

«THIS MOVIE SPEAKS OF WOMEN BEING FREE.» Women who do not move because of fear, because of a man or because of what the world imposes on them. Their crisis is universal but they are still women.

Sofía makes a home-made video of her holidays travelling through the North Paci c coast with her friends Marielena and Clara. Marielena is obsessed with following the itinerary she made, but Sofia’s irresponsibility and spontaneity force her to take new decisions. Meanwhile,Clara carries with the secret of a possible but doubtful pregnancy. Between incredible landscapes, summer romances, trivial moments and a clear difculty to coexist, the three girls make a trip that changes their lives.

Femme Revolution Film Festival, San Diego Latino Film Festival.

Valentina Sachetti Director - Pacífico Norte / North Pacific
pacifico norte - Pacífico Norte / North Pacific