El fumigador / Cockroach

Dir: Francisco Hevia / Vinko Tomici


Cast: Matías Marmorato, Iride Mockert, Jorge Nolasco, Julia Azar, Laila Maltz, Agustin García Serventi, Osvaldo Stagnaro, Mónica Divella.

Did you know that cockroaches can live withought their heads?

Cockroaches, public toilets, apartments and supermarkets, mark the routine of Guido, a lonely and introverted young man who works spraying for a cleaning company. His job is to detoxify, yet he is one of the many intoxicated in the world in which he is immersed. The strong possession of his mother, with whom he still lives at 33 years old, the arrival of a first love and the insistence of his coworkers to integrate him into his night outings, will immerse him in a disturbing journey that will reveal his way of seeing life.

World premiere SANFIC 12, 2016
International premiere Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Estonia/2016
AWARDS Best Feature Film Cine Chileno SANFIC 12 2016
Best Feature Film International Competition Bio Bío Cine 2017
Best Feature Film Bienal Diseño Universidad de Buenos Aires 2017

Vinko Tomicic Director - El fumigador
Francisco Hevia Director - El fumigador
el fumigador - El fumigador