Tiempo de Lluvia / In Times of Rain

Dir: Itandehul Jansen


Cast: Harold Torres, Noé Hernández, Myriam Bravo, Pedro Hernández, Baltimore Beltrán.

«This film talk about pain, about migration not by will, that pain of what transfer is, especially when you are a child and it is not voluntary»
Soledad, a traditional healer, lives with her grandson José in an indigenous village. Soledad’s daughter Adela moved to Mexico City many years ago and now she wants José to join her, but Soledad believes that the boy is better in town.

Independent Latin Film Festival
Watsonville Film Festival
Alamos Film Festival FICAM

Itandehui Jansen Director - Tiempo de Lluvia / In Times of Rain
tiempo de lluvia - Tiempo de Lluvia / In Times of Rain