Afuera del Tiempo / Out of Time

Dir: Marco Velez


Cast: Manuel José Chaves, Estefanía Piñeres Duque, Shany Danan, Andrea Esquivel & Walther Luengas.

It is a romantic comedy, but it is also a romantic tragedy, We laugh at it, of course, but we suffer it because what happens to the protagonist also happened to us once in our lives.

A man returns to the past to p his girlfriend from ending the relationship before him propose to her but every time he comes back, she ends up with an excuse different. Now he has to see how to change in order to marry her.

The plot of the film revolves around the love break between Ricardo (Manuel José Chávez) and his girlfriend (Estefania Piñeres). To try to fix it, Ricardo decides to undertake a journey back in time to the past. As noted by the journalist and cultural manager Iván Darío Hernández, «apart from being a film about a man who travels over and over and over to the past, Out of Time is a sincerely cruel study of how fragile love relationships are, that they cannot be repaired or recovered even by traveling back in time.»

Marcos Velez Director - Afuera del Tiempo / Out of Time
afuera del tiempo - Afuera del Tiempo / Out of Time