Vivir ilesos / Live unharmed


Dir: Manuel Siles


Cast: Magaly Solier, Oscar Ludeña, Renato Gianolli, Gina Guerrero, Katherina Sánchez.

Mostra Internacional de Cinema de Sao Paulo, Brasil,2019.

In Siles’s cinema, the viewer is always faced with an uncertain reality, with invisible contours, with deceptive textures.

A couple of small scammers are reduced by a man, who kidnaps the woman and leaves the young man. «Vivir Ilesos» portrays some of the most powerful impulses of our time; the lack of meaning of life and the idea that the moral status quo can be overcome. But, the forces of social consensus respond strongly and nobody is left unharmed in this film.

Manuel Siles Director  - Vivir ilesos / Live unharmed
vivir ilesos - Vivir ilesos / Live unharmed