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Badur Hogar

Dir: Rodrigo Moscosso


Cast: Bárbara Lombardo, Javier Flores, Cástulo Guerra, Nicolás Obregón, Daniel Elías, María Gracia Zandanel.

«Makes the viewer feel identified in this competition, through the passage of time, in which there are many people showing themselves to be more successful than they really are and in which one feels like a failure before the conquests of the of the same generation, who were not so «stuck».

Juan meets Luciana at the worst point of his life. They build their relationship in atypical way: They spend the summer inside Badur Hogar elaborating together a series of lies that, unexpectedly, will lead them to face their truths.

With no more pretensions to entertain, it is a gimmicky comedy that sometimes loses its way a little but Moscoso knows how to get out of those entanglements with fewer problems than the protagonist of the story and manages to make the public interested in reaching the end, based on Laughter and some excitement, touching on themes such as love, family, self-improvement, maturing and friendship.

World Premiere BAFICI 2019
Festival de las Alturas 2019
Zacatecas International Film Festival Closing ceremony

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Rodrigo Moscosso Director

Rodrigo Moscosso Director

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