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Dir: Agamenón Quintero


Cast: Ruz Mary Morales, Rubén Guevara, Salma Tafur, Roamir Pineda, Claudia Julio.


Based on real events It is a film that has been widely accepted for being a period film, for the theme it deals with and for the way it was made, this has caught the attention of many people from the ordinary and the cinematographic medium.

Ángela is a 13-year-old peasant girl whose virginity is bought from her father by Calixto, a landowner in the area. A story that takes place in Córdoba in the 40s, a rural region in Colombia, in the midst of a social and political event that crosses the historical of the characters.

Angela is forced to remain continuously next to Calixto regardless of the circumstances. Calixto, as a result of the different pressures that his social environment imposes on him, makes decisions that lead to using Angela as a shield or escape to them.

Angela is the story of how the birth of a woman ends up becoming the curse of being at the mercy of what men and social rules decide about the body and life of women.

Agamenon Quintero Director

Agamenón Quintero Director

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