45 Días en Jarbar / 45 Days in Harbar



Dir: César Aréchiga


After several months of research and experimentation within the techniques of papermaking, I managed to create my own version, by rethinking the traditional forms, incorporating textiles, garbage and waste from different points of Jalisco. One of my biggest goals was to revive and preserve the pre-Hispanic techniques that have been disappearing over time and have been forgotten. Working with these materials made me discover an infinite number of possibilities to make paper and work with it.

45 days in Harbar, documents the scope of art, as a weapon of reintegration and connection, in a lacerating and fucked up context, we open dialogue to a forgotten world, but which is the faithful representation of what happens in our country, wastes of circumstances, bad decisions and lack of opportunities. It´s a different panorama that shows only a portion of our environment that is far from the reality eclipsed by television series. By facing this denial, we face the search for our truth. In 45 days in Harbar we delve into all these lives, always as a thread, the arts, Harbar is the University of Life where you learn to value what you have and what you lose…

DOCUMENTA MX (Official Selection)
Guadalajara International Film Festival 2019 (FICG) (Offcial Selection)

Special Mention Guadalajara International Film Festival FICG 2019

Cesar Arechiga Director - 45 Días en Jarbar / 45 Days in Harbar
45 dias en jabar 509x720 - 45 Días en Jarbar / 45 Days in Harbar