our philosophy - to create stories from the soul to highly connect with your audience.

“After working with Hollywood masters like Woody Allen, Steven Soderbergh, Alejandro González Iñarritu, Larry Charles and Marc Foster, among many others, I decided to work on my personal dream:

Soul Pictures - A film boutique where development, production and distribution happen at a professional and creative level.

I gathered an incredible team of equally inspiring filmmakers to join me in my quest to bring exceptional quality to the screen in every way possible.

Distribution & sales manager Liliana Bravo, international commercials producer Amour Setter, programmer & film critic José Romero, together we offer you exceptional service across the board."

Nicos Beatty

Soul Pictures can offer you the following:

• Creativity
• Film Consultancy
• Distribution & Selling Representation
• Production Service

Join our band of merry filmmakers and lets bring some soul to your project.

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Nicos Beatty

Founder & Filmmaker

I help producers to make real their films.


Liliana Bravo

Acquisitions & Sales / Head of Development

soul pictures-amour

Amour Setter

International Producer


José Romero

Programmer & Film Critic