Soul Factory

"We live creatively..."

Soul Factory is our "Creative Boutique" where we imagine, develop and produce.

- Cross Media Impacts
- Commercial Spots
- Web Serials 2.0
- Transmedia Storytellings
- Branded Content

We devise interactive experiences that carries up the emotional impact your target needs.

If your brand needs an impulse here you have something really fresh!


(2.0 Action & spotify app developed for a campaign SAN MIGUEL SELECTA XV.) SABE A MIXTA

(Key comedy creativity specifically designed for MAHOU - MIXTA brand to viralize in their Youtube chanel and social networks.) WINDOWS PHONE VOLAR

(2.0 Action for Windows Phone which comunicates speed & freedom with the concept FLY.) LOOP EXTREM

(Creativity for Xtreme Sports brands composed for a videoviral serial to share on social networks.) TEEN EMPIRE

(2.0 Webserial in Premium Quality for fashion world. A very young and almost digital native target requires an smart content which provides brand & values memorizing effect even an excelent loyalty.) COOL RUSH

(2.0 Branded content in a transmedia design which gives to your brand an xtreme viralizing and a direct engagement to the message of your campaign.)