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Las Tetas de mi madre / My mother’s tits


 Dir: Carlos Zapata .  / DRAMA /COLOMBIA / 2015

Cast: Paula Matura, Billy Heins, Santiago Heins, Alejandro Aguilar, Angélica Blandón, Héctor García, Joseph Barrios

An urban movie. To all the above is added the music of the Crack Family, a rap group that was born more than 18 years ago in Ciudad Bolívar, and the occasional characters who do not pretend anything, because they live on that street that now reaches the cinema

Martín, a 10-year-old boy who works with his mother as a pizza delivery boy, wants to take her to Disneyland. One night he asks to use the bathroom of a brothel where he delivers a pizza, and mistakenly enters a strip booth. There he sees a naked woman for the first time. Days later, Martín returns to the brothel, only this time he sees something he never expected to see.

FESTIVALES  Guadalajara International Film Festival (oficial selection) , Viña del Mar International Film Festival (oficial selection) Malaga International Film Festival (oficial selection) ,  Cali International Film Festival (oficial selection) Colombian Cinema New York Film Festival (oficial selection) Santander International Film Festival (oficial selection)

AWARDS  Best Feature Film Colombian International NY Film Festival Bet Director Santander International Film Festival Best Feature Film International Cuenca Film Festival



Carlos Zapata