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¿Justicia y Olvido? /¿Justice and Oblivion?

Dir: Francina Delgado

Costa Rica 2020 / Documentary /Journalism / 3 caps 45 mins each

«Justice and Oblivion?» the Costa Rican documentary that portrays the complexity of the historic peace agreement that put an end to a 50-year war in Colombia.

The film, directed by the national journalist and documentary filmmaker, Francina Delgado, discovers the contrasts of Colombian society on the agreement with the FARC EP. The desire for justice for thousands of victims and the hope of forgetting a 50-year-old armed conflict. In January 2020, a Special Jurisdiction for Peace has just indicted the entire leadership of the FARC-EP for the crimes of kidnapping, including one of the protagonists of the documentary Julián Gallo. This is the first indictment after the peace accords, which is of enormous importance in that country and is precisely on the subject of the documentary, kidnappings.

The other element is that it will be the last documentary to use the acronym FARC

Francina Delgado Director

Francina Delgado Director

Justicia y Olvido Poster