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Birth Wars

Dir:  Janet Jarman / MEXICO 2019

Told through deeply personal stories in the trenches of the healthcare sector, “Birth Wars” chronicles a power struggle between doctors and midwives in Mexico about whose vision of childbirth should prevail. The film takes viewers on a journey into two worlds riven by prejudices and antagonism and explores how building bridges between these worlds could help save lives.

FESTIVALS  Santa Barbara International Film Festival (Official Selection) DOCS MX (Offcial Selection) Havana International Film Festival  (Official Selection)  Guanajuato International Film festival (Official Selection) Documenta (Officla Selection) Woman Deliver Conference Film Festival (Official Selection) Muestra Internacional de Mujeres del Cine y la TV (Official Selection) Zcatecas International Film Festival (Offcial Selection) Etnhografilm (Official Selection) Richmond International Film Festival (Offcial Selection) SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY (Offcial Slection) San Diego Latino International Film Festival (Official Selection) AMBULANTE (Offcial Selection) DOXA Documentary Film Festival (Official Selection)

AWARDS  Honory Mention Zacatecas International Film Festival,

Janet Jarman